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The guys over at have come up with a new logo. I kind of dig it. What do you all think? They have also simplified the color scheme.

Create Visual Quotes and share with your friends

Also, I heard through the grapevine that they are going to be freshening up the template selection with some new designs, landscapes and backgrounds for upcoming holidays.

From what I have seen on the internet, this is still my favorite site for creating visual quotes.

Memes are funny… but these are inspirational and beautiful

Visual Quote Tools on the Web

Visual Quote Tools on the Web

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We’ve all seen the popular “quotes turned into images” on today’s social media sites. People use status updates to let all of their friends know how they are feeling, what they are up to, who’s going to be going to what parties and events… the list goes on and on.

Everyone on social media wants everyone else to know how they are feeling.

And now with visual quotes, we can convey this message within an image.

One of my favorite sites for creating beautiful and stunning visual quotes is

Recite provides it’s users with a simple input area for you to type in your personal quote or other message. You then can scroll through dozens of pretty cool looking layouts into which your quote will be rendered. The Recite magic happens and presto….an image is created for you to download or share on any of the many social media sites (Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Twitter) ….and of course, you can email it to a friend. has recently undergone some major “under the hood” work to improve it’s image rendering process. The front-end design has also been improved on in that it is now responsive and adjusts when viewed on any mobile devices.

I highly recommend visiting this sister site of ours.

Create stunning visual quotes at