Show and Tell: Chad O’Malley

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Chad O’Malley is an illustrator and designer from Cleveland, Ohio currently employed at Insivia where he’s involved in web, print, and brand development. When he’s not working after hours, Chad enjoys indie music, comic books and loitering around coffee shops.

Mondo Posters

In recent years, Mondo has brought elegant design back to film posters. Along with work that trounces what the studios release, this collective has a definitive style that makes them instantly recognizable no matter the movie. It’s no wonder Mondo can only sell prints in small, random runs due to high demand.

View select pieces here: and follow their twitter for sale announcements: @MondoNews


The sister title running alongside ‘The Fantastic Four,’ Jonathan Hickman’s ‘FF’ chronicles the Future Foundation school for young geniuses. The comic deals with concepts of travel across time and space, encountering other-dimensional selves, cosmic deities, and uplifting races.

Yet the entire book is grounded in the relationship between brother and sister Franklin and Valeria Richards and their sibling bond that makes it such a wonderful read.

Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian have been producing indie pop brilliance consistently since 1996 with tales of bookish girls, shy boys, and the adventures they wind up in. They’re one of the few bands that have been around so long and have produced so much work that no matter what project I’m on, they can provide the soundtrack.

Songs to check out include ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane,’ ‘The Boy With the Arab Strap,’ and ‘The State I Am In.’

Mass Effect

No game series in recent years has inspired me as much as the Mass Effect saga. Along with being a brilliant gaming experience, the design elements are what really interest me. Everything from the wrist-mounted omni-tools, retractable weapons, to the clothes is streamlined for only the necessary elements. And regardless of your opinions for the series’ finale, it was an incredible ride.

James Stokoe


The best word to describe James Stokoe’s artwork is simply: overwhelming. There is no level of detail the man won’t neglect, from the paint strokes on a necklace to an army of millions trampling everything in its path. Additionally, Stokoe’s heavy gradient method of coloring gives his subjects a gooey, surreal feel to them. Sure it takes him time to produce these pieces, but I’ll gladly wait such amazing work. Be sure to read his ongoing series, ‘Orc Stain.’

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