Show and Tell: David Pomfret

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David Pomfret is a 23yr old designer & entrepreneur. He founded the design studio Simple as Milk and works with his collaborative team to produce unique, ass kicking sites and brands for his clients.


Like Dan I found Drive to be a truly inspirational movie. By far my top movie of all time. I went to see this film with my friend and coworker Glen, having no idea what I let myself in for. As soon as it finished, I remembered sitting there jaw dropped looking at Glen. Since then it’s ruled my life.


This fist appeared in my RSS feed a number of months ago, to me this is the pinnacle of design. Stunning uses of colour, typography and illustration. Words cannot describe how beautiful this is.


I’m a huge fan of print design, and an equally huge fan of Apple. So what could be better than a typography based piece of work by the most inspirational company around? Apple not only changed the way we think about marketing and design, but they changed our everyday lives with their stunning products.

The Hubble Space Telescope

I first saw this photo a few days ago when doing client research on a new project. Scientists pointed the Hubble telescope into a piece of space that seemed empty, and they got this image back. To me this is just insanely mind blowing and beautiful natural beauty.

Explosions in the Sky

When it comes to design it’s all about the, small tiny, little details. I just makes so much difference, taking a project from good, to fucking great. This poster is one of those rare pieces of artwork that I cannot stop looking at. The video is awesome.

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