Show and Tell: Marie Walgraeve

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Marie is a freelance illustrator from Ghent (Belgium), where she graduated in Graphic Design/Illustration at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK).She is obsessed with cats, cartoons, music and reading comics. You can find her work on her blog or on Facebook:

Anne Emond

I can relate to almost any comic Anne Emond makes. The lady in this drawing could easily be me. I also love how good she is at drawing facial expressions, something I’m still working on.

Leah Goren

Leah Goren is a wonderful illustrator and pattern designer. She’s well known for her ‘Cat dress’ (shown here on the Calivintage blog: It’s easily one of my favorite dresses in my closet. In fact, I loved the shape and fabric of the dress so much I asked her to design the dress for my wedding party, using the bear pattern. There are a lot more patterns on her website, and you can order dresses & accessories here:

Julia Pott

Julia Pott’s work is one of the reasons I decided to pursue a career in illustration. A couple of years ago I won this print in a giveaway contest on her blog. It hangs on my wall in my living room and keeps me motivated.

Marcel Dzama

I discovered Marcel Dzama’s work when I bought The Weakerthans’ album ‘Reconstruction Site’, for which he designed the album artwork. I immediately fell in love with his brown/reddish/old-fashioned color palette. Most of the time his drawings look like they belong in children’s books, combining characters in military uniforms, nurses or dancers with bears, dogs, horses, deer… Yet there’s always this tension and a hint of violence (in this drawing even some sexuality), and it’s that energy that makes Dzama’s work so interesting to look at.

Pendleton Ward

This is one of Pendleton Ward’s drawings, creator of my all-time favorite cartoon Adventure Time. It’s pretty difficult to describe why I love Adventure Time so much. I think it’s the combination of cute characters, bright colors, a unicorn with a rainbow colored body and weird humor. But the bizarre dialogues and sequences are the best part of this cartoon. Besides all that, Pendleton Ward’s drawings are simple, honest & funny and therefore my biggest influence.

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