Show and Tell: Paddy Donnelly

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Paddy is an Irish Illustrator & UX Designer at Lefft. Recently entering the freelance world, he busies himself with illustrations for both print and the web, as well as some iOS design along the way. He feels bad that Pluto is no longer a planet.

Dan Matutina – Google+ Course

Dan’s mix of digital and handmade techniques, has created an instantly recognisable style. Watching the endless waves of his stunning work appear has kept me motivated in establishing my own styles.

Craig Henry – Battle at Meiji Temples

There’s always a certain warm presence in Craig’s pieces, and I’m continually fascinated by his manipulation of light.

David Lanham – Herp

I’ve been a huge fan of David’s work for years. Another artist who has an instantly recognisable style with a thick layer of gloss over his marvelous creations.

Luke Beard – Don’t Settle

Seeing Luke set up his store and create some gorgeous typography focused prints, like this Steve Jobs quote, was a great inspiration for me to open an online store and create some prints of my own. I get a lot of motivation, both from this print and seeing the effort Luke puts into his work.

Paddy Donnelly – Headlights

This piece was an image I created to go along with my announcement that I was leaving my job and becoming a freelance illustrator. It marks a turning point in my life, where I chose to journey out into the unknown.

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