Show and Tell: Rich Barrett

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Rich Barrett is a graphic designer and illustrator from Charlotte, NC. He is in the midst of writing and illustrating a graphic novel called Nathan Sorry that you can read here.

David Lapham

One of the biggest influences on my work as a comic book artist is David Lapham who wrote and illustrated an independent comic in the 1990s called Stray Bullets. It was a smart, gritty crime comic about ordinary people caught up in unordinary situations. The combination of his consistently sized panels and chiaroscuro lighting makes it feel like you’re watching a truly great crime film.

Cristiana Couceiro

Cristiana Couceiro is an illustrator/designer from Portugal who creates these beautifully sparse collages that recall elements of Bauhaus Constructivism, vintage ads and even old textbook diagrams. I enjoy mixed-media collages that overload your senses with information but I love these even more for what she leaves out of it.

Robert McGinnis

I’m a little addicted to the style of old paperback novels. I think as we get more and more into the surprisingly less visual age of ebooks we get more nostalgic for these old illustrated covers. A lot of them are tawdry and titillating even by today’s standards but also they are crafted with technical skill that is astounding. There were so many amazing artists creating stunning visuals for what seem to be mostly forgettable or lackluster novels. One of the masters of this medium was Robert McGinnis. You can peruse lots of these covers over on Vintage Paperbacks & Digests

Cameron Stewart

I’ll pretty much pick up any comic that Cameron Stewart draws but I especially love the personal work that he posts to his blog. He excels at drawing sexy, fashionable women and spends a lot of time experimenting with drawings that you probably wouldn’t believe were drawn digitally.

Kali Ciesemier

I’ve become a big fan of Kali Ciesemier’s illustrations, and it’s hard to pick just one image of hers to showcase but being a big fan of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice And Fire books (more commonly known as “That Game of Thrones HBO Show”) I absolutely love these pieces she did for herself on her blog out of pure love of the books and its characters.

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