Show and Tell: Sam Van Hulle

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Sam is a 21 year-old designer and student 2D/3D artist from Antwerp, Belgium. In 2011, he graduated in Graphics & Digital Media at Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent and continued his education in Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest in Kortrijk. He primarily focuses on graphics/web design and, as of recently, on concept art and 3D CGI graphics. You can view Sam’s work, here.

Pedro Conti

This first image by Pedro Conti is one of the reasons I do what I do. I’m (partly) an aspiring 3D artist, and it goes without saying that Conti’s work is a huge source of inspiration. This viking’s character design is simple, yet his striking facial expression and the clair-obscur lighting of the scene make this render an amazing piece that keeps me going in CGI.


Before looking to expand my skillset with 3D CGI and concept art, I wanted to make a living as a web designer. This image (taken from Forrst a while ago, don’t know its author) used to inspire me big time in terms of user interface design. Now that I see it again, things like this can still wake up the UI design part of my brain.

An Awesome Piece

No idea where I found this, to be fair. Would make for an awesome ad in a campaign against smoking, where its fantastic photomanipulation could really capture the message intended. An awesome piece.


A photomanip by AliceInDeadLand, who creates dark and macabre pieces based on the story of Alice In Wonderland. This one, Birth Of The White Rabbit, has a really interesting look and feel to it. At first glance, the rabbit and the baby definitely looked cute, but the eerie atmosphere of the piece really captured my attention and got me wondering what could be the story behind this one.

League Of Legends

This awesome piece of concept art for the online role-playing game League Of Legends is a striking example of the painting style and skill I myself hope to achieve (and maybe surpass) one day. The character design and the sense of depth, for me, are the wow factors in this one. Also, it stands out from the rest of the game’s art in its lack of color saturation, making it look a bit more serious, while still retaining a cartoony feel to it.

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