La Recoleta Cemetery

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The Piccsy team took a trip to the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina a few weeks ago. We were told to check out La Recoleta Cemetery, the famous cemetery filled with mausoleums, some containing the remains of past Argentine presidents. Beautiful statues and eerie walkways and alleys, La Recoleta Cemetery is a must if your ever in the area.


  1. Gustavo Rivas
    November 7, 2011

    If you have enough time, the light (sunny day or cloudy day) reveals different images of the same place.
    Buenos Aires has more than one unique place: La Boca town, plenty of colorfull houses made with wood and corrugate iron.
    The corrugate iron was used for the roofs and walls. The wood is used to cover all the inside of the houses: ceilings, walls and floors. Whith beams of Podocarpus guatemalensis (see Wikipedia, please).
    You can found a lot of incredibles places to take photos… remember, Buenos Aires has 202 km2.

    Si usted tiene bastante tiempo, la luz (sol o día nublado) revela imágenes diferentes del mismo lugar.
    Buenos Aires tiene más de un lugar único: el barrio de La Boca, un montón de casas coloridas hechas con madera y hierro corrugado.
    El hierro corrugado se utiliza para los techos y paredes. La madera se utiliza para cubrir todo el interior de las casas: techos, paredes y pisos. Con vigas de Podocarpus guatemalensis (ver Wikipedia, por favor).
    Usted puede encontrar un montón de lugares increíbles para tomar fotos … Recuerde, Buenos Aires tiene 202 km2.

  2. nicolas
    January 13, 2012

    hi my name is nicolas, i am a graphic designer from argentina and i love piccsy.
    I think these pictures of Recoleta Cementery are amazing.
    Thank you all for visiting my lovely country, its kind a honor.
    bye for now.



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