Piccsy 0.2 Released!

Posted by on Jan 15, 2011 | 3 Comments

Piccsy 0.2 is officially live!

In addition to a bunch of bug fixes and optimizations, we’ve added the following features for

Piccsy 0.2

  • All Images Hosted on Amazon S3
  • Improved Bookmarklet
  • Firefox Plug-In for Bookmarking
  • HelloKisses Launch
  • NSFW Filter
  • NSFW Flag
  • Duplicate Flag
  • Votedown Option
  • Visitors See Most Popular by Default. Members See Most Recent by Default
  • More/Bigger Similar Images
  • Forgot My Username/Password Reminder
  • The Piccsy Blog
  • @ilovepiccsy on Twitter

We hope you enjoy the new Piccsy and we’re looking forward to releasing 0.3 in the coming months! As always, your feedback on our current and future versions is much appreciated.


  1. pio1976
    February 1, 2011

    hi there, how does the duplicate flag works?

    thnx in advance.


  2. Sean Boone
    April 14, 2012

    Seriously awesome job on the 2.0 guys! Super clean, love the modern layout… keep it up!!!

    – Sean

  3. Wordrain
    April 18, 2012


    I subscribe to Pio’s question : I never really understood how does the duplicate flag work.
    And I must also say that:
    – I really like the Piccsy 2.0 features, look nice and promising.
    – I always get errors when I upload my piccs. Sometimes, I get an ugly error showing me some html/css/php – ish strings and variables, sometimes, the browser simply takes me to a blank page; after that, randomly, my image is uploaded or not.
    – There are some other bugs and problems, for example, when trying to reach the bottom menu from a stream page [the images continuously load and push the bottom menu, so I can’t click it]. I found this problem when trying to find the feedback/Contribute page [mentioned in the API section]. Which, by the way, is not to be found [the feedback page, that is].

    It’s a lovely site, and I enjoy watching it grow by the day. So, good luck.
    I hope you can solve these lil problems in a way or another, maybe when the 3.0 is launched.

    Until then, have a great day,


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