DX Toronto: This is Not a Toy

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“This Is Not a Toy” is the only exhibit to date to highlight the conceptual toy as both a cultural signifier and a piece of art. Currently on exhibit in Toronto at The Design Exchange (DX), “This Is Not a Toy” is guest curated by Pharrell Williams along with John Wee Tom and the Associate Curator from DX Sara Nickelson.

The museum has been transformed to create a fantastical atmosphere filled with in your face colours and patterns in keeping with the exhibits playful nature. On display are works from artists such as Takashi Murakami, Huck Gee, KAWS, and FriendsWithYou, and range from miniature figurines to larger than life free-standing sculptures. “This Is Not a Toy” allows exhibit goers to indulge in a childlike yet sophisticated realm that provides a crossover between childish toys to contemporary art.

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