10 Industrial Design Firms from Toronto You Should Know About

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Combine one part applied art, one part applied science, two parts aesthetics and ergonomics with a pinch of improved marketability and production and you’ve got the recipe for the fundamentals of industrial design.

From touch screen interface tables and walls to organic waste green bins, you’ve probably used something crafted by one of these firms. These Toronto-based connoisseurs of product development and design are taking preliminary concepts and converting them into commercialized technological solutions as they introduce new products to the market. Through their range of comprehensive services each firm is improving people’s lives with innovation and the implementation of new ideas.

Anna Buechin Product Design

Functional, intuitive, beautiful and thoughtfully designed housewares and consumer electronics are more successful in the marketplace and perceived as higher quality. Anna Buechin Product Design helps manufacturers create compelling and innovative products that resonate with consumers. Anna Buechin has worked as an industrial designer with market leading companies in Canada, Germany and the U.S. for 14 years, creating beauty and purpose for everyday products.

Cortex Design

Immersed in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, Cortex Design is exposed to hundreds of different target markets and product demographics on a daily basis. They deliver custom design planning that’s right for their clients.

Using a cross-disciplinary, systematic approach for each client’s project delivers quick, creative, and successful results. Cortex Design has worked with a range of clients from large multinationals to individual entrepreneurs. Cortex offers “turnkey” product design; providing clients with all the services needed to complete product development efforts or they can pick and choose just the services needed to get the project done.


Design1st helps clients create and perfect their new innovative product ideas. Their specialty is the physical design of technically challenging products, like touch interface tables & walls. In addition to industrial design, the talented team at Design1st also specializes in mechanical engineering. Corporations in many markets hire them to find great solutions to meet new product design, business and manufacturing goals.


Designperimeter is an industrial design consultancy located in midtown Toronto. They provide their clients with complete product development services, from initial preliminary design to final product implementation, including detailing and manufacturing sourcing.

Forget that trip to the LCBO for that bottle of Vinho do Porto, Designperimeter’s Artful Winemaker allows consumers to make wine at home. Unlike traditional winemaking methods where wine must be siphoned into a second vessel, the Artful Winemaker is a single vessel prossess and requires no siphoning.


figforty is an industrial design company focused on the thorough and inspired creation of physical things. Beginning in early 2008, Lee Fletcher and Terence Woodside created figforty combining 15 years of award winning industrial design, with 15 years of award winning engineering to create a team equipped to take any product from concept through to full implementation.

Fig Industrial Design

In 2005, Fig Industrial Design began with the central goal of designing well, creating better products and product experiences for our clients. Better products are achieved through an empowering process that is thorough, agile and engaging.

Thorough to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the design process; agile to respond to necessary changes in direction, and those unique opportunities that arise unexpectedly; and engaging to actively involve the entire project team in a compelling and effective way.

Kangaroo Design

At Kangaroo Design, they aim to facilitate the commercialization of technology-products and innovations, by delivering high-value industrial design and product development services in both a strategic and a very hands-on manner. They strive to make a positive contribution to the world and to the Technology Entrepreneurship community in the fields of industrial design and product development with items like SONAbeam, rooftop point-to-point laser telecommunications devices.

Kangaroo Design offers clients a comprehensive range of design and product development services that assist them to commercialize their novel technologies and realize their own company goals, evolve their brand footprint and maximize the value that they can offer to their customers and their contribution to the world.

Lucidream (Ramak Radmard)

Lucidream specializes in product development and design. Designer, Ramak Radmard believes that the distinguishing factor in any product lies in the value it adds to the user, in terms of functionality, environmental impacts, aesthetics as well as value.

Considering that the value of a product is defined by the manufacturer as well as the end user, the challenge of every project is to achieve equilibrium between these perspectives, without sacrificing the spirit of the product.


MKDA is an industrial design studio run by Miles Keller and located in Toronto, Canada. Their clients have included Corning Glass, Herman Miller, Teknion, The Getty Museum, Umbra, and Zenon Environmental.

MKDA firmly believes that design is firstly about improving people’s lives through creative thinking and the implementation of new ideas. Services encompass all aspects of the design process including concept development, mechanical & product design, marketing strategy, human factors studies and production methodology.


“PUSH Innovation” is the mantra at SZID. They love a good spark of clever thought or full on details of winning product ideas!  As industrial designers closely working with marketing, sales and engineering professionals; they love new materials, technology and finding solutions to new and old product challenges. SZID is a full service product development group equipped and ready to assist clients for new global retail market competition.

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