15 Artists on Dribbble From Toronto You Should Know About

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Haven’t heard of Dribbble? This online community brings together graphic designers, typographists, logo creators and more to showcase their work on their own page. Think of it as LinkedIn for online artists. Not only can you search these computer pros by city/, you can search images by colour, “buckets” (uploads that are related to each other), projects and tags.

Artists who are interested in showcasing their work on the site can sign up as prospects and become “drafted” by established users on Dribbble. Looking for designers for hire or inspiration? Sign up to be a scout and you’re covered. With their job board artists, web developers etc. can find themselves a job from the comfort of their studio.

Ashley Ross

With a well developed website featuring some hilarious animations and illustrations, Ashley’s Dribbble profile doesn’t give viewers the full picture to how great her work is. She also sells prints of some of her pieces, so now you can have a nicer copy of them than what you printed out from the internerd.

Blake Stevenson

Fun graffiti-esque graphics and funky ‘toons are what make up much of Stevenson’s work on Dribbble. He also is a co-illustrator for cNet’s CRAVE blog every week: they create a tech-focused  comic named “Low Latency“.

Brandon James Scott

With a kid’s cartoon show under his belt already, Scott is already one of the more established artists on Dribbble. His illustrations range from hilarious to more serious and both his Dribbble account and website show a wide range of his past work.

Brett Jubinville and Morghan Fortier (TinMan Creative)

Formed by two very well accomplished illustrators,  Tin Man Creative focuses mainly on creating work for animated series, commercials and the like. Their Dribbble profile shows the entire range of their creative talent, whether you’re looking for monsters based on the four elements or a little boy hiding in a bush with a fox.

Charlotte Tang

Charlotte’s pieces mix together web and graphic design for a result that is totally original. She has an eye for creating interesting logos and ad campaigns (the portfolio on her website shows how well regarded she is in the industry).

Dave Rodgers

This Dribbble artist is Senior Designer for the Toronto Blue Jays and his profile certainly shows this. Rodgers has a major role in much of the branding and design for the Leafs, the Jays and some of the spaces owned by MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment).

Isabel Foo

Most of Isabel’s pieces are flat in dimension, and yet their 2-D status does not hinder them from the fun sense of play she infuses into everything. Isabel’s Dribbble profile shows some of the work she’s done past and present, and often incorporate references to Toronto.

Jacqui Oakley

With thick lines and pops of colour, Oakley’s Dribbble account is certainly one of the most colourful on this list. Not only is she an illustrator, Jacqui uses her creative talents for hand lettering, infographics and more. If you want to really learn from her, go to OCAD – she teaches there!

Jackie Saik

Jackie does some brilliant work with Adobe Illustrator, and creates intricate pieces and typography, which are displayed on her Dribbble profile. Her website reveals more of the work she’s done for clients, in the form of ads, internal communications etc. Her Dribbble account shows her fun side, featuring graphic skulls and microscopes drawn with one line.

Katherine Verhoeven

With a wide range of experience (comics, food illustration, hand lettering…), Verhoeven’s graphic style and simplistic colour make all of her pieces stand out and are showcased on her Dribbble account. Check out Katherine’s tumblr for more fun illustrations plus some images she likes.

Meghan D’Mello

A recent grad of YorkU/Sheridan College’s design program, Meghan already has tons of experience under her belt. Looking at her Dribbble account viewers see her sharp (and funny) graphic images right off the bat. Moving onto her website let’s one see the fun 3-D pieces she’s worked on, alongside sketches of punctuation creatures.

Michelle Claessens

Michelle’s Dribbble account only features 2 images, but her style of illustration is enough to make you go to her website. There, you can see her range of work – from custom gift bags (image above) to website design.

Patrick Dias

The images Patrick creates are a wonderful example of a strong talent. The first image on his Dribbble account is an animated female astronaut. Click the “Older” button and you see an illustration of a skull in a pentagram.

Warren Keefe

A graphic designer at Toronto agency Pulp&Fiber, Keefe’s Dribbble account showcases much of the work he’s done for clients. From promotional posters (MMVAs) to advertisements (Moet) Warren keeps viewers on their toes as his images change from subject to subject.


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