18 Tattoo Artists from Toronto You Should Know About

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Thinking of getting inked, or, of a way to creatively cover a love-lorne quote you had brandished on your backside while you were [quite literally] love-drunk into a lasting piece of dignified art? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve done our homework and enlisted the help of industry insiders to find the best tattoo artists in Toronto.

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision–you only have one body to work with–so, despite our recommendations, make sure you do your research. And, if you’ve been inked in Toronto or elsewhere, please let us know what you know and where to go, below!

Bill Baker

Bill Baker has spent over 30 years tattooing and is the legendary co-owner of, Pearl Harbor Gift Shop, where he employs his knowledge of indigenous South Pacific tattoos to draw a loyal following. For Baker, tattooing is a craft rooted in tradition.

Chris Wellard

Working out of, Passage, Wellard does amazing animal and shading work. His raw artistic talent and ability to understand his client’s desires, make all of his designs, whether small or large, memorable.

Daniel Innes

Innes, co-owner of, Pearl Harbor Gift Shop, specializes in custom creations with a focus on Horimono (traditional Japanese style tattooing) and portraits (similar to Bill Baker).

Dave Wildenboer

Owning and working out of, New Tribe, Dave is one of the most well-respected veterans in the city; and, the reason why many of his protégés have taken up the craft. Dave masterfully rolls up his sleeves daily, to create some of the best sleeves in the city.

David Glantz

David Glantz opened, Archive, with his wife in 2008, specializing in forced perspectives by playing with light and color to make his tattoos come to life.


At the helm of, Tat-A-Rama, is Eugene, who recalls when there were only a few decent tattoo parlors in the area. Now, at 46, Eugene is one of many tattoo artists in the city, but one of the few who has grown with his clientele, developing custom tattoos with distinguished precision.

Fabrizio Divari

Fabrizio, is a disciplined, self-taught artist from Milan, Italy, with a strong affinity for geometric shapes and unique forms. His focus on artistry and use of multifaceted colors helped to distinguish him as one of, “Toronto’s Best Tattoo Artists,” in Now Magazine.

George Brown

George Brown, is legendary in Toronto as an artists who takes the craft, but not himself, seriously. Co-owner of, Seven Crowns Tattoo, Brown likes to take his client’s vision and revolutionize it into an original and lasting piece art.

India Amara

India Amara, has a devoted and consistent following and fan base. Working at the Kensington Market flagship, Pearl Harbor Gift Shop, she tattoos in an illustrative and professional manner; and, is completely devoted to her craft.

Jay Decator

People seeking out the best, often seek out the hidden, Passage, tattoo shop. Owner, Jay Decator, strays from the trendy to focus on quality, often undertaking grand art-scapes and pieces that take years of thought on part of the client and many hours of labor in the making.

Jenny Boulger

At, TCB, Jenny, loves the comical and whimsical pieces, but can execute just about anything with a personable and professional demeanor.


After growing up in Cancun and traveling as a tattoo artist through Europe, Asia and Canada, Lemur, has found a stable chair in the Hipster’s Haven of Queen Street West. Working out of, Exotix Studios, Lemur, mixes traditional ascetics with pedicured precision and superior shading.

Lizzie Renaud

After apprenticing in shops around the world and paying her dues in Toronto by establishing connections and clients at New Tribe and Passage, Lizzie Renaud, opened Speakeasy, in 2009. With bright colors and comfortable surroundings, Lizzie has transformed the experience of hard-edged needling into a pleasant pursuit for her long-list of devoted clients.

Mark Prata

Mark Prata founded Toronto Ink in 2007 and is the Tattoo/Art designer for hit A/E TV series, “Breakout Kings” (2011). In addition to tattooing, Prata, also does incredible body paintings.

Matthew Ellis

Co-owning, Seven Crowns Tattoo, Ellis has long-paid his industry dues. He’s the guy to seek if you need a proper coverup or a piece that will never need to be covered.

Ronan Gibney

Gibney, does big things out of the small, Imperial Tattoo, shop on Ossington–especially if you’re looking for sacrilegious-comics and fantastical creatures.

Scott McEwan

Co-owner of, TCB, Scott spent 30 years traveling as an artist and was recently featured on, “Tattoo Gun Fight,” a reality show in which artists compete by tattooing celebrities in their distinguished styles. Scott is best known for his traditional Japanese-style artworks. You can see more of his work, here.

Tristen Zhang

It’s worth making the trip to the outskirts of Toronto to Markham where, Chronic Ink, is located, if you want something authentically inspired and perfectly executed. Zhang’s freehand, free-flowing style brings life to his tattoos and reflects the energy and personality of his clients.

Please note, this is a short list, capturing some of our favorite notable artists, but with the Toronto Tattoo scene continuously expanding, new artists are emerging every day. We’d love to hear who you’ve entrusted to leave their signature on your skin and any advice you have for others in the comments below!


  1. Tam
    May 29, 2012

    George Brown is amazing! A down right nice guy and a brilliant artist.

  2. Yeah Right !!
    June 1, 2012

    Luc Mactavish ( Yonge street tattoos)

    The okey doke tattoo shop

    Jesse Shearman red9ine tattoo

  3. phil
    August 17, 2012

    Check out Arthur Mills from Imperial. Great lines and awsome sence of flow and placement on the body. Brings a unique sence of style.

  4. Blair
    October 20, 2012

    By the looks of these artist you don’t get off queen st much do you? I agree about Jesse he’s my favourite!

  5. Lee
    December 9, 2012

    There is also a shop called The Red Dragon Tattoo Parlour which is Toronto’s only all female tattoo shop. They do amazing work and use organic ink. I would recommend them to anyone.

  6. toronto Native indian Arts
    March 2, 2014

    Artist shown their talent on human bodies with awesome colors.

  7. michael nathan
    March 9, 2014

    Pepsi from Bamboo Studio! Authentic Bamboo tattooing… with a stick and needle he does amazing tats that outshine seasoned machine artists!

  8. Vance Derry
    March 15, 2014

    I am looking for an artist in Ontario who can do 3d
    renderings, where shading actually makes the tat
    jump of your skin. If you know of anyone I would
    be gratefull.


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