30 Photographers from Toronto You Should Know About

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If you haven’t had enough of Piccsy’s featured Toronto-based photographers, here are 30 more who really stand out from the crowd. The artists behind the following visual masterpieces range from freelance professionals and award winning photojournalists to those simply engaging in their favourite self-taught hobby – and everything in-between.

These top notch photographers demonstrate their exceptional command of the camera, angles, and lighting, giving them the unique ability to capture memorable images of life’s most beautiful moments. Miss the previous posts? Check out more talented Toronto-based photographers you need to know here and here.

Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Winner of the second annual Tom Hanson Photojournalism Award, Aaron Vincent Elkaim is an Toronto based documentary photographer who found his way to the profession after pursuing an education in Film and Cultural Anthropology. His work focuses on social and cultural issues and he strongly believes that there are many perspectives to each story, and that photography should illuminate a story, not define it. Along with having his work published in numerous newspapers and magazines internationally, Aaron is also a founding member of the Boreal Collective.

Alex Maxim

Maxim specializes in fashion, beauty and glamour photography, dramatic lighting and artistic storytelling that often combines commercial and fine-art approaches. In addition to fashion and beauty, Maxim is experienced in and inspired by such subjects as product and still life photography, landscape and fine art photography and has an extensive image archive covering these and many other subjects available for licensing and ordering as art prints.

Andriy Zolotoiy

Andriy Zolotoiy is a self-taught photographer from Toronto, Canada. Originally, his interest in photography was first peaked in his Ukraine high school, where he dabbled with black and white film in the tiny bathroom he transformed into hard-to-breathe darkroom. Years later Andriy picked up the camera again to rejoin his old love to photography and take it to the next level. Andriy is recognized for diverse lighting technique where each scene is treated as unique entity that must fit into surrounding environment.

Angela Y. Martin

For the past 5 years Angela Y. Martin has fully devoted her attention and skills to the art of photography. After receiving her degree in Media Studies from the University of Guelph, as well as a diploma in Creative Photography from Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Angela started a successful freelance career. Angela’s fashion and product photographs have been featured in numerous publications such as FASHION, Flare, and Lucky magazines. Angel operates out of her studio on Dundas Street West in Toronto.

Burlap Jacket (a.k.a Jonah)

Jonah, the man behind photoblog the Burlap Jacket chooses photographic subjects who run the gamut from the sleazy to the mundane. He enjoys shooting people using film and old cameras and is still learning and having fun in Toronto. He has started many groups on Flickr as well as being the co-administrator of Canadian St.

Calvert Culzac

Culzac started taking pictures with his brother when he was about 10 years old using a small 35mm film camera, then moving on to a digital point and shoot a few years later. His work consists of everything from still life to fashion, often using light and shadows to create depth in his images. In addition to this, Culzac has more recently come to enjoy post processing and image manipulation.

Carmen Cheung

Carmen Cheung is a freelance photographer who received her BFA in Photography with honors from Ryerson University in 2007. Since then Carmen has worked with numerous clients, most notably; Toronto Life, SoundProof Magazine, and CBC Television, along with exhibiting her work at Habourfront Center and Visual Arts Ontario.

Christian Lapid

Christian is a freelance photographer who contributes to two well known newswire agencies; The Canadian Press Images in Toronto and Startraks Photo in New York. He strives to reconcile the viewer in the immersive experience of what is seen in the image and what is not. His career highlights include photographing celebrities and music artists at Much Music, MTV, eTalk, and the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as having his work featured in several publications, including but not limited to; The New York Post, the Toronto Sun, and US Weekly.

Connie Tsang

This Toronto-based photographer has a soft spot for all things photojournalism, events, portraits, live music, headshots, and food. Her work can be found in publications such as The Globe and Mail and blogTO, popular books including “The Book of (Even more) Awesome”, and exhibits, for example the Conjunction Collective, to name a few.

David Farrant

David highly values photography as an activity that brings one to the “now and here”. He believes this art is an attempt to find something of value amid the swirl and flow of time and space and capture it so that we can see, marvel, try to understand, and share with others. David is still developing his knowledge, experience and skill, and hopes that others find something of value or interest in his photography just as he often does in the wonders created by others.

Finn O’Hara

Born in London, Finn was surrounded by cameras by a young age as his father had a job working with Kodak. After completing a degree in English Literature, he traveled the world and moved to Toronto where he now lives in the west end with his wife and daughter. Driven by a passion for storytelling, Finn enjoys making movies along with shooting ads for corporate giants such as British Airways, Coca-Cola, and Nike.

Hamish Grant

Born in the Annex neighbourhood, Grant has lived in Toronto all his life. Photography has been a part of his routine for almost 20 years, first as a hobby, then as a career. What draws him to this art is a desire to interpret the world around him, and present what he sees to highlight something special or unique about the surroundings. Although he enjoys all kinds of photography, Grant’s work is primarily digital, using still shoot film occasionally with antique or ‘toy’ cameras that possess unique characteristics.

Istvan Kadar

Kadar’s art exudes a fairy tale-like quality, possibly inspired by his homeland Transylvania from where he later moved to Canada at the age of 22. He has held the post of Art Director at many notable advertising agencies, both in Budapest, Hungary and in Toronto. Now however, he focuses solely on his own art and is regularly featured at exhibitions. The artist’s talents have not gone unnoticed and he has won numerous awards including the National Geographic first prize award in Nature Category (2008) and second place in the Hungarian Press Photo Award.

J. R. Bernstein

Bernstein has vigorously pursed photographic excellence in the commercial, fashion, and artistic domains, taking pictures since he was just 5 years old. Having already sold his first photographs by the age of 15, he has now tried a hand with nearly every type of film and digital camera on the market. Along with being a photographer, Bernstein has entertained several other career paths through his life, with a lengthy stop as a musician, pre-med student, board-game producer, computer-graphics designer and commercial printing expert.

Jay Wall

Raised in the rugged woods of northern Ontario, Jay learned to be adventurous and imaginative. This love for visual creativity led him to pursue Design at York University and Sheridan College. Past board member of The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario, Jay believes design has enormous power to create social good. In addition to running Studio Jaywall, he keep his hands nimble and mind sharp by making street art, dodging traffic on his bicycle, and coordinating community development projects in Guatemala.

Jennifer Rowsom

Jennifer has taken a great delight in making people feel comfortable in front of the camera for over a decade and holds a diploma in photography from the Ontario College of Art & Design. If she’s not snapping photos, Jennifer can be found scouring the thrift shops for vintage magazines and party frocks, or playing board games in her kitchen (caesar in hand!).

John Day

John an energetic father of two is an accomplished designer, sculptor, blacksmith, and inventor with a diverse set of skills. His innate sense of creativity and keen eye allows him to see things others do not. Inspired by masters such as; Man Ray, George Hurrell, Yousuf Karsch, and Richard Avedon, he works in both digital and medium format film. John’s vision is to create lasting memories for life’s portraits and events.

Jon Blacker

Best known for his lightening fast location portrait and music work, coming away with exceptional images under extreme time limits, Toronto-based freelance photographer Jon Blacker is always ready to go. Bringing his gear and close to 20 years’ experience working with editorial, commercial and corporate clients in Canada and the United States Jon captures some of the best moments on stage. Among others, Jon has worked with; The New York Times, National Post, Major League Baseball Photos, Continental Concerts & Management, Roadrunner Records Canada.

John Ryan

John Ryan of Insight Imaging is a Toronto Ontario based photographer offering professional service, and superb quality images. He encourages and mainly photographs using natural light. John strives to capture the true essence of each personality through candid, relaxed, and offbeat poses.

Katie Refling

Always loving all things artistic, and especially fascinated by photography, it wasn’t too long before Refling found herself behind the camera. Through her self-directed education, she has been able to explore the many facets of photography with her extensive experience in graphic design making it possible to surpass the boundaries of traditional photography. Being part photographer and part digital artist gives Refling the freedom to turn her images of the artistic nude, boudoir, and beauty photography into anything imagined.

Katrin Ray

Katrin Ray, best known as Katrin Shumakov, is internationally recognized along with her husband Yuri as a professional origami artist. First being introduced to origami in France in 1989, the pair developed this art in a unique way creating the fantastic Oriland world, which consists of amazing origami creations such as wizards and castles. Katrin extends her artistic talents to the realm of photography capturing Toronto’s most magical moments and scenery.

Marc Radford

Marc is a talented digital artist and photographer, known for thinking outside the box. With over 15 years of professional experience in creative roles covering multiple industries from entertainment to videogames, he aggressively entered the photography scene in 2008. Understanding how the human brain renders imagery gives Marc the power to seize control over any space, visually arranging objects to provide a path for a viewer to become immersed in the photo.

Matthew Plexman

Matthew Plexman has been interested in photography since his childhood where he first used a plastic Diana camera which created low contrast, odd color rendition, chromatic aberration, and blurred images. From there he began shooting for his High school yearbook, spending hours in the darkroom. To this day Plexman is still deeply committed to the business of photography in Canada. He has served in various capacities with CAPIC as well as operates Matthew Plexman Photography on Carlaw Avenue in Toronto.

Mike Lewis

Lewis owns and operates Mike Lewis Photography studio in Toronto, focused on fashion, beauty, and advertising photography. Mike’s down to earth personality and wild creativity combined with his experience and acute attention to detail makes him highly sought after for collaboration with magazines, designers, and artists alike. His work has been featured in publications such as Vogue.it, Naked Eye, Blink, and Hacid Magazines.

Mike Quigg

Born in Toronto where he still resides, Quigg has worked in graphic arts and photography for 26 years. He freelanced for the Toronto Sun for over a decade, winning several photo awards including City of Toronto – Best Fire Photo. His images have been published in magazines newspaper’s and calendars globally.

Nick Warzin

Nick who lives in the Toronto area has an extensive background in web design, development, programming, and IT consultation. Although he has no formal training in photography or graphic design, this doesn’t stop him from capturing beautiful moments around his home and the bustling city.

Olivia Brown

As Olivia puts it, she is never more focused, nor more content than when she is documenting truth and beauty. A self-proclaimed people person, caffeine lover, farmers-market shopper, risk taker and moment driven optimist, this photographer aspires to create photos that will make you and your grandchildren cry one day.

Rosa Wang

Rosa Wang has over 20 years of photography experience along with skills in dance, graphic design, and art. Her mission is to create fine art photography which showcases female beauty and to put a spin on the classic nude.

Selina Whittaker

Selina Whittaker who graduated from Sheridan College with a degree in Photography spends her time between freelance and documenting current exhibitions at A-space Gallery in Toronto. She has traveled extensively in Asia working on several projects that focused on portraiture and spontaneity as well as working with Pacifica Photography in Vancouver.

Steve Carty

Steve Carty has been creating beautiful pictures for a living for nearly 20 years and is well known for revealing portraiture sessions with such faces as; Michael Sheen, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. Always evolving with technology, Carty consistently tries to find new ways to incorporate the latest innovations into his work, most recently dabbling in directing of fashion films and music videos. As the head of Hermann & Audrey’s photography mentorship program, he takes great pride in helping emerging photographers build their portfolios and learn what it takes to succeed.

Tim Fraser

Tim Fraser is an award-winning photographer who has worked all across Canada in a career that spans 10 years of editorial, portrait, and food photography. He arrived in Toronto as a freelance photographer in 2007 after being a staff photographer at the Calgary Herald and the Windsor Star. He spent 2008 working at the Globe and Mail taking on a variety of tasks including photo editing, multimedia production, and image enhancement. In Canada, Tim Fraser’s photography has been recognized by the National Newspaper Awards, the National Magazine Awards, and both Eastern and Western Canadian News Photographers Associations (now the News Photographers Association of Canada).

Timothy Neesam

Timothy Neesam was born in Bridgend, Wales, emigrating with his family from Ireland to Canada in 1972. Timothy’s photography has enjoyed a wide audience through a variety of leading publications, ranging from the Toronto Star and the Architect’s Newspaper to the Indian Express and, most recently, Germany’s Geo Magazine. In addition, Timothy is a member of Toronto’s Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, and the collective Hangman 7.

Tom Ryaboi

For Tom Ryaboi photography will always be closely tied to traveling. While seeing the world, the camera has allowed him to capture beautiful places, interesting people, and sometimes even himself. Because of these experiences, taking pictures has become closely associated to the blissful place in his mind reserved for traveling. To this day, even when Tom is not traveling, the camera has become his tool for escape.

Vincenzo Pistritto

This Toronto-based food photographer enjoys all things gourmet related, including cooking, reading and eating. Vincenzo’s formal photo education started in wedding/portrait photography while in the last few years he has ventured into product and food photography as his primary focus. “Bringing out the flavors, colors and textures in food are just the beginning of any mouth watering image”, says Vincenzo, “my goal is to capture the essence and tastes of the dishes chefs have spent countless years perfecting.”


Internationally renowned for his uncompromising devotion to the art of photography which is reflected through thought provoking imagery, this professional photographer of 5 years is credited with having a gift of bringing out the uniqueness and talent in anyone or anything. Demonstrating a rare command of color shading and expression, Zaiden specializes in crazy and exciting messed up imagery but also enjoys the medium of fashion, editorial and portrait photography.


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