33 Fashion Stylists from Toronto You Should Know About

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Ever wonder who dresses your favorite celebrities or who selects this season’s top trends and must-haves?  We did. On our quest to find out who these style savvy individuals were, we discovered some homegrown talent.

These fashion forward stylists from Toronto have discovered their niche in what some would call a cut-throat industry and turned their passion for fashion into a highly coveted career. From ad campaigns to editorial spreads, they’ve done it all. Take a look at some of the work done by 33 of Toronto’s style gurus.

Click on the images below to view stylist’s portfolios.

Alexis Honce

Alicia Simpson

Alon Freeman

Amy Lu

Anya Shor

Charlotte Carson

Christine Brant

Dana Goldenberg

Daniel Onori

Donovan Whyte

Dwayne Kennedy

Jenn Cranston

Jessa Bissett

Jimmy Moorhouse

Joelle Litt

Kirsten Reader

Krissie Torgerson

Lee Sullivan

Loretta Chin

Maeve McKee

Michelle Paiano

Nadia Pizzimenti

Peter Papapetrou

Randy Smith

Richard Singh

Risa Knight

Sansyrae St.Martin

Sarah Laroche

Serge Kerbel

Shea Hurley

Stephanie Saunders

Tammy Eckenswiller

Toyo Tsuchiya

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