40 More Photographers from Toronto You Should Know About

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Between instagram and the increasingly common use of professional cameras, it seems nowadays everyone considers them self a “photographer”. But for those of you who are interested in seeing truly artistic and unique photographs, we have sifted through the creative crowds to find the best of the best Toronto-based photographers as featured below.

The artists behind the following visual masterpieces range from freelance professionals and award winning photojournalists, to those simply engaging in their favorite self-taught hobby and everything in-between. Check out these 40 photographers you need to know below, as well as 40 and 30 more here and here.

Alex Browne

Alex Browne is a freelance photographer as well as the Resident Photographer/Advertising Liaison for Burner Magazine. He has worked with numerous clients throughout Canada representing different magazines, musicians, and promotional companies.  Alex also shoots photographs for advertisements, concerts, events and portraits.

Allan Lissner

Allan Lissner is an award-winning photographer, videographer, editor, and graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. Some of the organizations Allan has done work with include Amnesty International, GlobalAware and the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Alyssa Bistonath

Winnipeg-born, Toronto-based photographer Alyssa Bistonath’s fascination with images, narrative, poetry and pursuit of social justice are the guiding force behind her body of work. Since completing her BFA in New Media at Ryerson University, Alyssa has been recognized as an emerging talent in the fine art arena while her extensive travels have led to some of her most extraordinary editorial work: she has travelled to India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Mali, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador with World Vision. To date, Antarctica is the only continent she’s never set foot on

Amanda Arcuri

Amanda Arcuri is an award winning, emerging photography-based artist working out of Toronto, Ontario. Her work has been exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, the Ryerson Gallery, Gallery 1313 and the Gladstone Hotel. Amanda recently graduated from Ryerson University with a BFA in Photography. She is currently enjoying teaching art and photography classes to children where she can inspire and encourage artistic play and exploration; while doing so in her own work

Ana Kapodistria

Ana Kapodistria’s work investigates themes exploring the limitations and unbounded nature of the human condition within its perceptual being, and its subsequent relation to both natural and man-made environments. These themes are often used in conjunction with issues of time and space, executed with a visually animate approach.

Brent Lewin

While working in Kabul, Afghanistan, Brent bought his first camera and was soon consumed with capturing images of what was around him. After 6 months in Kabul Brent decided to pursue a career in photography. Since, he’s been working as a freelance photographer and has had his work appear in publications like National Geographic, Newsweek, New York Times and Discovery Channel Magazine.

Chris Hutcheson

In capturing images of performing artists, Chris is interested in immersion- that point when performers are completely absorbed in their performance.

David Goorevitch

David Goorevitch’s career in photography spans four decades, focusing his work on his landscapes, urban and natural. He s an adjunct professor at the Toronto Film School, and he has taught and mentored for past fifteen years at the CBC, University of Toronto and the Canadian Film Centre.

Daniel Robb

Following a brief stint as a croupier, Daniel was trained in photography at Humber College. Originally from the countryside Daniel has come to embrace his city life. His work has ben published in Eye Weekly, Luxsure, e-Merge, w25, DIRRTY GLAM, Off the Map, and Style-ology magazines. Daniel operates under the maxim of Confuscius: Wherever you may go, go with all your heart

Dexter Quinto

Growing up in Vancouver, BC Dexter Quinto showed a burgeoning talent as an illustrator & painter with a portfolio filled with personal art projects and concept explorations. In High School he studied graphic arts & communications which also led to a deep interest in black & white film photography. He then went on to study at the Creative & Arts Division of Langara College from there making the jump from creative director to professional fashion & advertising photographer in 2006 while achieving noteworthy success in his first year. He has since shot for Clin D’oeil and ELLE Canada, as well as campaigns for Tip Top Tailors, Point Zero, and Footlocker.

Evan Steingarten

Through photography Evan strives to create intricate, layered images that both engage and intrigue.  He finds the multiplicity of beauty, possibility, and perspective revealed by life’s constant contradictions, intricate incongruities, and chaotic correlations fascinating. It highlights our ability to view things in different and unexpected ways.

Fabienne Good

Fabienne has shown her work at several venues including the CONTACT Photography Festival, the Toronto Outdoor Art Show, The Artist Project, the Drake Hotel, the Gladstone and quaint alternative scenes around the world. She has won several awards and sponsorships

Frank Seiferth

Recognized as Emerging Photographer 2009 by Photolife Magazine; one of Frank’s photographs was selected by Canadian Geographic Magazine as the Annual Environmental contest winner in 2009. His love of travel and desire to capture the beauty of the natural world, its cultures and people has taken him to over 50 countries.

James Swartz

James C. Swartz is an artist for design and colour. His recent photo mixed media series combine his art, photography, design and carpentry skills. James’ work has exhibited in galleries in Canada and Italy.

Johan Campbell

Johan has photographed, been published and curated for publications and institutions such as: Canadian Red Cross, The Walrus, Canadian Art, The Big Issue, Scots Magazine, Pikto, VII Gallery, Report on Business, Globe and Mail, CTV, The Grid, Toronto Magazine, Toronto Tourism and The Harbourfront Centre. Johan continues to work alongside fellow photographers having curated over 40 gallery shows since 2008.

John Long

In 1988 John began exploring stereo format, a fine grain, low speed film camera from which he makes high resolution scans. The images are digitally assembled then printed. John’s technique is a great blend of antique and current technologies.

Keesic Douglas

Wahwahsemoog Keesic, which translated means “lightening in the sky.” Being Ojibway from Mnjikaning First Nation has really defined who he is, as a person and as an artist, shaping the way in which he sees and connects with the world around him. Through photography light becomes both subject matter as well as the tool used to create images.

Lexi Mitz

To say Lexi has an enormous passion for travel is an understatement. Her inspiration for taking pictures comes from observing all forms of life in countries around the world. To me, the joy in taking pictures is related to the ability to freeze time and still a moment that others aren’t there to see.

Louis Au

Louis Au is a Toronto-based photographer who has been immersed in the professional photographic industry for over 20 years. As an ardent educator, Louis provides digital photography training here and abroad. He is also a year-round instructor for Pikto’s photographic workshops based in Toronto’s Distillery District

Marilyn Cornwell

Marilyn Cornwell is an artist and photographer who explores two realms – the wonder and magic of gardens and plants in the natural world and the everyday decays in the urban environment.

Meaghan Ogilvie

Graduate of the Applied Photography Program at Sheridan College, Meaghan received the Concept and Design Award for her unique vision. The focus in her work explores the underwater movement of the human body and all of its expressions-
free of gravity, restrictions and weight.

Mira Zdjelar

This series called urban connections seeks undercover threads that bind seemingly unrelated places. From Belgrade to Havana, Toronto to Sao Paulo, different countries on different continents partake in Mira’s global urban experiment. Her photos depict inanimate objects that repress the humans who were responsible for building them and putting them in their bizarre places.

Nancy Paiva

She is a self-taught photographer that began working in the digital format and then progressed “backwards” into both medium and large format film for her personal work.  Nancy’s work has been published internationally and in magazines and newspapers across Canada.

Olena Sullivan

Olena is a Toronto-based visual artist with dual passions – a great love for the serenity and timeless beauty of forgotten spaces and the creative energy of performance photography. When working with both live and still subjects, Olena draws on her visual arts background in both composition and processing to create fine art works that are richly in texture and colour, oftentimes drawing on historic and vintage aspects of the subject for her inspiration

Osheen Harruthoonyan

Experimental filmmaker and photographer Osheen grew up in diverse cities (Tehran, Athens, and Vancouver) which influenced his choice of subject matter. He employs a multi-faceted approach towards his artistic methods; investigating memory, history, identity,  and the deconstructive process of time.

Paul Bica

Paul who has been with flickaholic anonymous since 2007, joined it, as opposed to other social networks, because as he puts it “some people have a way with words… some people…do not have a way”. Purchasing his first digital camera in 2004, he became truly addicted to the art of photography after he bought his DSLR (e3) in may 2008. Although he is an amateur in that he has never done any formal education in the way of photography, he still enjoys using Photomatix and Photoshop in his work.

Phillipa C.

Native to Australia, now  living and working in Toronto, Phillipa has been shooting weddings for over a decade. She is inspired by people, natural light and uses her intuition to create a unique memory document individual to each of her clients.

Raph Nogal

This Toronto-based photographer predominantly concentrates on wedding photography and recognizes the versatility and experience that comes from various freelance projects is priceless. Working freelance he enjoys the opportunity to expand his creativity through everything from commercial projects to photographing theatrical production and actor headshots. Within the arts/commercial realm he has had the pleasure of working with individuals and corporations including but not limited to Halcyon Records, Revolver Magazine, and Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.

Rémi Carreiro

20 year old Rémi Carreiro currently lives in Toronto while attending Ryerson University studying architectural science. Although he still aspires to become an architect, photography has become his greatest passion which he takes more and more seriously everyday. This young photographers enjoys living in Toronto as  is always able to find something new when looking around for photo opportunities. His work is dominantly focused on urban landscapes and architectural photography.

Rino Noto

Discovering photography at an early age changed Rino’s view forever. He grew a hunger for knowledge and derived his greatest inspiration from the most fundamental determinant of the photographic process- light in the darkness

Roger & Louise Snowball

Their approach to photography has consisted of isolating instantaneous visual experience as a record or notation of the larger experience, integrated into the flow of ordinary life and incidental to it.

Ron Spencer

Toronto born Ron Spencer spent many years living in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary. For Ron, nothing is more exciting than getting a great shot. His ultimate goal is to make every photo look amazing.

Sara Niinimaa

Born in Calgary where she first attended Alberta College of Art and Design, Sara then went on to study at University College Falmouth in the UK. Now living and working in Toronto, she has featured her work in numerous exhibitions including a “Sense of Place” and “Here and Now” back in Alberta. Always using natural light to the best of her ability, Sara admits to being deathly afraid of needles and to loving fine art film photography and photoshop equally.

Sean Galbraith

Sean Glabrath is a urban planner and self-trained photographer. With a background in urban design, Sean looks for patterns, lines, and forms that give structure to urban environments. His career revolves around the built environment; contributing to the ever expanding development of cities.

Shayne Gray

Gray has been learning photography publicly online via her blog since the end of 2010, and feels it has been an enlightening experience. As she progresses she hopes it will not only be beneficial to her own life, but for others also looking to learn what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to photography. From Weddings to HDR, as well as experimenting with all kinds of lighting and gear, she hopes to learn it all and for those interested to join in her experience along the way.

Stephen Edgar

A solutions oriented juggler of things creative, technical, and yet able to keep that smile on his face, Stephen is full of relaxed banter for my subjects and clients.  “I like to have fun!” he says,  “I’m just a happy hunter of moments, a storyteller whose greatest joy comes from creating curiosity.” Currently, Stephen has been working on more fine art and industrial pieces.

Tony Koukos

Veteran traveler Tony Koukos is always in search of unique subject matter. His travels have brought him to over 30 countries including, Italy, Cuba, Thailand, Japan and Turkey.  Tony’s philosophy, “Around every corner, behind every mountain, under every rock, something beautiful lies. See the world”

Tyson Williams

Tyson Williams is a photographer living in Toronto, Canada. His photography has been published in the media, press and online in Canada, USA and EU. Along with publishing several photography books over the years, his travel photographs have been used by design houses around the world in large variety of projects. Tyson specializes in travel and documentary photography with main focus on architecture, urban life and street art.

Vanessa Paxton

Vanessa had always been the artsy one in her family, moving from Jamaica where she grew up to Canada in 2001. Now residing in Toronto, she attends Ryerson University pursuing her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and has also participated in Maroon 5’s creative invite. This young photographer often does the styling for her own shoots with the subject of choice being anything surreal or illusory.

Ziv Kenet

Ziv has been a freelance photographer in the GTA for the past 7 years. He embarked into the world of photography because he was inspired by the movement of his peers (Ziv is also a dancer). Photography allowed Ziv to freeze time by capturing the emotions, energy and creativity of the moment. Since discovering the ability to relive special moments through snapshots, Ziv committed himself to developing his inspiration into a career.

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