50 More OCAD 2012 Graduates from Toronto You Should Know

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The Ontario College of Art and Design located in the heart of downtown Toronto is known as Canada’s “university of the imagination”. As OCAD puts it, members of their University community are uniquely qualified to act as catalysts for the next advances in culture, technology and quality of life for all Canadians.

So, if you haven’t had enough of OCADU’s most talented artists and designers, here’s 50 more Toronto-based graduates from 2012.

Amanda E. Baron

Website http://amandabaron.blogspot.ca

Amanda McCusker

Website http:///www.amandamccusker.com

Bailey Henderson

Website http://www.baileyhenderson.com

Bernadette Collins

Website http://berncol.tumblr.com

Brianna Lowe

Website http://www.briannalowe.com

Catherine Chung

Website http://www.chungillustration.com

Cayla Christiansen

Website http://contemporarycallmecayla.tumblr.com

Christel Scott

Website http://www.kangaroosteronthelam.blogspot.com

Christian Buer

Website http://www.christianbuer.com

Denys Korolenko

Website http://www.denysillustrates.com

Donald Clement

Website http://www.donaldclement.com

Fox Xoft

Website http://www.foxxoft.com

Heather Boulton-Lyons

Website http://heatherblstuff.blogspot.com

Janeeta Gill

Website http://janeeta.mosaicglobe.com

Janine Miedzik

Website http://www.janinemiedzik.com

Jared Bond

Website http://www.jaredtb.deviantart.com

Jay Joo

Website http://www.jjstudio.ca

Jess Jass

Website http://www.jessjass.com

Jillian Ashley Claeys

Website http://jillianashleyart.wordpress.com

Joanna Glezakos

Website http://www.vengenza.ca

Joseph Armstrong Thomson

Website http://www.josepharmstrongthomson.com

Josie Maclachlan

Website http://www.josiemaclachlan.com

Kate Sheffield

Website http://www.katesheffield.ca

Larry Le Blanc

Website http://larry-leblanc.grandportfolio.com

Laurabeth Cooper

Website http://Laurabethcooper.tumblr.com

Laurie Fleming

Website http://cargocollective.com/lauriefleming

Lee Wiesblatt

Website http://www.wiseblood.ca

Leo Li

Website http://illeostrations.blogspot.com

Luisa Pariselli

Website http://www.luisapariselli.com

Marc Obrien

Website http://www.mobartist.com

Maria Boese

Website http://mariaboese.tumblr.com

Marsal Nazary

Website http://www.marsalnazary.com

Melissa Bender

Website http://www.two-left-hands.com

Meredith Sadler

Website http://www.meredithsadler.com

Norman Huang

Website http://www.normanhuang.com

Phu Bui

Website http://phu-bui.tumblr.com

Rebecca Lee

Website http://www.cargocollective.com/heybecca

Rob Graham

Website http://robgraham7.blogspot.ca

Sarah Pedro

Website http://www.sarahpedro.com

Shanon Fujioka

Website http://www.shanonfujioka.com

Shishua Vang

Website http://meishahvangua.blogspot.com

Suzie Florence

Website http://suzieflorence.tumblr.com

Sydney Rose

Website http://www.sydneyrose.ca

Tara Dorey

Website http://www.taradorey.com

Theresa Duong

Website http://www.theresaduong.com

Tori Masters

Website http://www.torimasters.com

Triina Kukk

Website http://www.tiikay.com

Val Sears

Website http://valsears.blogspot.com

Vladimir Radoykov

Website http://www.radoykov.com

Yiying Zou

Website http://www.yiyingzou.com

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