50 Visual Artists from Toronto You Should Know About

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Looking to purchase a piece of art or check out a gallery other than the AGO? Well look no further. We have scoured the city in search of visual design gurus and found that Toronto is filled with so many talented artists who are flying under the radar.

Adam Colangelo

After experimenting with a variety of mediums, Adam focused his energies on copper. Adam’s work has slowly evolved into a specialized form of copper mosaic. The beauty of this medium lies in its highly reflective and reactive properties. Depending on how the material is treated, an entire spectrum of colours may be revealed. To see more from Adam Colangelo visit http://www.adamcolangelo.com

Adina Ana Vomisescu

In Adina’s paintings, colour is a means of exploration through which the microcosm and macrocosm are contrasted, reflected in each other and merged. Her goal is to transport the viewer to another place and time; to evoke memories, associations, and love of fantasy and beauty. The travel is intended to be internal rather than external. To see more from Adina Ana Vomisescu visit  www.eheufugaces.wordpress.com

Alex Anagnostou

Alex Anagnostou, has danced around with the visual arts for over 25 years and has been sulpting blown and cast glass for the past 12 years. Much of her work is inspired by how glass has expanded our ability to see on a microscopic and macroscopic level. Her sculptures explore issues of time, space, nature, energy and interconnectedness. To see more from Alex Anagnostou  visit www.alexanagnostou.com

Alexei Vella

Alexei Vella specializes in creating images that are both striking and complex, sensual yet undeniably intellectually involving. Some of his influences include George Herriman, Th Fleischer Brothers, early animation, vintage comic books and pop art.

Alex McLeod

Alex McLeod constructs hyperrealistic 3D environments filled with crystalline mountains, fiery lakes, and rotund clouds, all rendered in a sickly sweet and gooey candy-colored palette. To see more from Alex McLeod visit http://www.alxclub.com

Ana Gribbons

Ana Gribbons is a Polish-Canadian immigrant, born in Argentina. She grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and now lives in the Toronto area.
 She studied English and Art History at the University of Guelph, painting, drawing, and printmaking at Concordia University, as well as taking illustration classes at OCAD and painting classes at the Toronto School of Art. To see more from Ana Gribbons visit www.anagribbons.ca

Barbara Spurll

Barbara’s career began as a freelance illustrator with Jim Harrison, art director at the Toronto Star, which led to regular assignments with a variety of newspapers and magazines. A children’s publisher saw her work, was approached to illustrate a children’s book and the rest is history. To see more from Barbara Spurll visit http://www.barbaraspurll.com

Bill Philipovich

Bill’s art background also includes many years as a professional “creative” in the commercial art world. His art making has evolved into the non-representational, spontaneous outpourings represented in each of his pieces. To see more from Bill Philipovich visit www.philipovich.com

Catherne hibbits

Catherine specializes in polytechnic glasswork and has exhibited her art in Toronto, Chicago and New York. To see more from Catherine Hibbits visit http://catherinehibbitsglass.com

Carol Ann MacLean

Carol Anne MacLean is a graduate of Ontario College of Art in and has a B.A. from the University of Toronto. She works in several media, 2D and 3D. Her work is representational and abstract. To see more from Carol Ann MacLean visit http://www.carolannemaclean.com

Carmela Casuccio

Carmela feels compelled to create her own worlds on canvas with acrylic paint. Over the years her vision has moved from abstracted landscapes, skyscapes and non-objective works to her current series of cityscapes. To see more from Carmela Casuccio visit www.carmelacasuccio.com

Christie Lau

Christie Lau has walked with penguins, sat with a tortoise and as swam with sea lions. She expresses her adoration of animals through artwork using a number of mediums including graphite, ink and oil. To see more from Christie Lau  visit www.christielau.com/blog/

Christine Kim

Christine Kim’s body of work includes traditional lithography, performance, and installation. There is a distinct vulnerability in the subject and the medium. Christine Kim draws from her background in fine arts and art education. She currently lives and works as an artist and educator in Toronto. To see more from Christine Kim visit www.christinekim.ca

Cindy Suter

Cindy’s creative range spans takes her viewer from portraits to graffiti. To see more from Cindy Suter visit http://www.suterart.com

Cynthia Dudley

Cynthia has studied oil painting for over six years. She says her paintings are a way to share the peace and joy that she finds in people and nature. To see more from Cynthia Dudley visit http://www.cddesign.ca

Donna Zekas

The suggestion of a passage of time is a common thread that runs through Donna’s work. The multiple layering on both painting surfaces and sculptures is integral to her creative process. To see more from Donna Zekas visit http://www.donnazekas.com

Elizabeth Hardinge

From an early age Elizabeth had a passion for expressing her creativity. Living in London, England awoke her appreciation for the arts, which prompted her to take private art classes. Her aim is simply to make the viewer pause for a moment, and wish they were there. To see more from Elizabeth Hardinge visit http://www.elizabethhardinge.com

Elizabeth Lennie

Elizabeth’s paintings are a reconstruction of past experiences and retrieval of small radiant moments that exist in her memory. The paintings that emerge come from the subconscious trigger of memory, of swimming in the liquid landscapes of northern Ontario and the deep aqua waters of the Caribbean. To see more from Elizabeth Lennie visit www.elizabethlennie.com

Eva Lewarne

Eva was born in Poland but has been living now in Canada for many years. She graduated from OCAD after doing a Psychology and English major at the University of Toronto. To see more from Eva Lewarne visit www.evalewarne.com

Gary Burtt

Influenced by the art scene in Miami, Gary developed an passion for bold colours.The crisp lines and electricity of Pop Art appealed to him above all else. Gary has donated several pieces to philanthropic causes; sharing the vibrancy of his work in an effort to better the world. To see more from  Gary Burtt visit www.goburtt.com

Ghanesh Das

Ghanesh Das is an emerging contemporary Canadian visual artist working in Toronto focused on creating fine art drawings and paintings through the exploration and aesthetics of figurative, landscape and abstract. To see more from Ghanesh Das visit http://drawntopaint.com

Harv Glazer

Harv says he’s  a person who thrives on creativity. He devotes himself yself to creative endeavors, whether it be directing feature films and music videos or investing time in a new found love, the art of pornigami. To see more from Harv Glazer visit www.harv.ca

Janice Ykema

What motivates Janice to create is her desire to express inward visions, personal experiences, imaginings and memories. Her paintings are not a destination, but a journey within herself, which produces a multi-layered, refreshed version of he world, either expressed as realistic or abstract. To see more from Janice Ykema visit http://www.janiceykema.com

Jhonattan Bonilla

With a passion for design, photography, colours and fashion plus his dedication to innovative design, Jhonattan is able to generate high impact responses from clients. To see more from Jhonattan Bonilla visit http://www.jhonattan.com


A mixed media/collage pop artist with a background in the world of advertising, it’s not surprising that he’s parlayed his love-hate relationship with mass media into great success, becoming one of Canada’s premier pop artists. His influences include Andy Warhol’s iconic pop art and Robert Rauschenberg’s collages. To see more from Joey DAMMIT visit www.joeydammit.com

Julia Hacker

Julia is an expert in a wide range of media including oil, egg tempera, acrylics, and collage. Her work is very versatile from impressionist landscape and still-life to realistically portrait. To see more from Julia Hacker visit www.juliahackerart.com

Julita Sidonia Wolanska

Julita’s paintings are bold and vibrant and created in an energetic intuitive process. Lyrical abstraction, stories about relations between elements, portraits of the emotions and information bits, landscapes of the mind. To see more from Julita Sidonia Wolanska visit www.julitka.com

Karen Taylor

Scotland native now living in Toronto, has since become heavily involved in the Artists’ Network. Karen is also a regular contributor to shows including the Octopus Project, Square Foot, Riverdale Art Walk and The Little Art Show. To see more from Karen Taylor visit http://www.karentaylorart.com

Karin Lapins

Painter Karin Lapins’ combines comic-book appeal with a post-impressionist palette: a Dick Tracy-meets-Toulouse-Lautreec sensibility that also borrows edginess from brooding expressionists like Max Beckmann. To see more from Karin Lapins visit www.karinlapins.com

Kelly Grace

As an artist, Kelly Grace’s main goal is to make an impression. Her work is about memories and nostalgia and hopes that it embodies the timeless feeling of escape and preservation. To see more from Kelly Grace visit www.kellective.com

Laura Heaney

Laura Heaney lives and works in Toronto, though her career has involved shows throughout Southern Ontario, the Canadian Eastern Provinces, Quebec and New York. Trained in classical techniques and contemporary thought, Heaney works to combine her two strengths to create understated whimsical and humorous anatomically correct drawings and paintings, which involve a sense of momento mori which in Latin means remember your mortality. To see more from Laura Heaney visit www.lauraheaney.com

Lisa Ng

Lisa majored in Integrated Media at OCAD and has been showcasing her art to the public since 2003. To see more from Lisa Ng visit http://lisangart.com

Lori Klassen

Lori is inspired by light and darkness, visibility and invisibility – and the moments between. She brings a femininity and force to figurative work and realist botanicals, demonstrating sensitivity and sensuality in every brushstroke. To see more from Lori Klassen visit http://www.loriklassen.com

Nadine Prada

Painting for Nadine is all about making a reaction happen. She is compelled to explore what the paint will do. Intrigued by natural processes and forces – erosion, gravity, evaporation, sedimentation, oxidation. Because of this, her work tends to feel naturalistic, organic, environmental, landscape-like. To see more from Nadine Prada visit www.thepradagallery.com

Neil Young

After working for 10 years working as an architect Neil truggled with the idea of working in an office for the rest of his life so he decided to explore his love of design through another avenue. Neil says the overall impression he wants to leave with the viewer is one of hopefulness and joy. To see more from Neil Young visit www.neilyoungart.com

Nelson Osborne French

Nelson Osborne French is a fine art and freelance Toronto photographer and photo-based artist. His work has been reviewed/featured in the National Post, The Globe & Mail, Azure, House & Home, Canadian Interiors, and Landscape Architecture Magazine. To see more from Nelson Osborne French visit http://www.nelsonfrench.com

Patricia Whittingham

Chance and accident can play an important part in the creative process, allowing the work to evolve. Patricia sees her art as shifting and mutable, rather than progressing in a linear line. To see more from Patricia Whittingham visit www.pwhittingham.ca

Paul Clark

Paul’s work has been inspired by a Salvador Dali quote, “to paint like a madman without being mad”. His artwork is filled with detail and texture.The cluttered or crowded effect of the images is intentional. To see more from Paul Clark visit www.pdclark.darkfolio.com

Rhiana Sneyd

Recent Queen’s University graduate Rhiana Sneyd is an artist living and working in Toronto. Her large-scale depictions of glorified streetscapes explore ideas of perception and the unconscious experience of everyday life. While painting in a traditional oil medium, her inspiration comes from the vibrant and spontaneous effects captured in her photography. To see more from Rhiana Sneyd visit http://rhianasneyd.com

Richard Ahnert

Richard often aims to humour the viewer with his work. Each subject has story to be told. It is written with a stroke of oil, a swish of a pencil and a good portion of wit. Long, quick and free textured strokes foreshadow the climax of the tale that is to unfold. Where that story goes…well, that’s up to the viewer. Kind of like the “choose your own adventure” of the art world. To see mor from Richard Ahnert visit www.mycanvas.ca

Rob Croxford

From an early age Rob showed an interest in design. After taking a job as a muralist to pay off his student debt, Rob has since exhibited in 15 outdoor art shows and several galleries. To see more from Rob Croxford visit www.robcroxford.com

Rob Snikkar

Rob is a self-taught painter interested in portraying landscapes, urban landscapes, ancient architectural structures and portraits (especially musicians).  Rob mainly paints in a semi-realistic manner attempting to evoke emotion through colour. To see more from Rob Snikkar visit http://www.snikkar.com

Ryan Louis

Ryan Louis, a Toronto based visual artist, creates contemporary mixed-media and photographic images. His work is playful in nature and addresses nostalgia and the familiar. To see more from Ryan Louis visit www.ryan-louis.com

Sarah Hillock

Sarah Hillock spent her early childhood on a rural farm in Ontario. Enchanted by the cows on her farm she later found herself compelled to examine the relationship between humans and these complex yet overlooked animals which is expressed in her work. To see more from Sarah Hillock visit www.sarahhillock.com

Sean Martindale

Sean Martindale is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist and designer currently based in Toronto, Canada. His interventions activate public and semi-public spaces to encourage engagement, often focused on ecological and social issues. Frequently, he uses salvaged goods and live plants in unexpected ways that prompt conversations and interaction. To see more from Sean Martindale visit www.seanmartindale.com

Seonaid Ross

For Seonaid, painting has opened up the world … She has studied privately in Italy, Hawaii and Toronto, but is largely self-taught. With influence from European and Canadian impressionists. To see more from Seonaid Ross visit http://www.seonaidrossart.com

Tara Krebs

Tara’s work is an exploration of her feelings toward the Earth and life on it, told through vague narratives that reflect and combine a passion for mythology, stories, humour, and the absurd. Her paintings are an exploration of her personal fascination for the symbiotic connection of all things and the energy that seems to tie us all together. To see more from Tara Krebs visit www.tarakrebs.com

Tibi Hegyesi

Tibi Hegyesi, a Toronto based visual artist focuses his work on wide range of themes where matter is reduced to elemental so that each finalized image is pure and essential. His distinctiveness lies in his ability to capture in his art the essence of the world around him through vibrantly contemporary visuals of an unseen depth of field and richness of color. To see more from Tibi Hegyesi visit www.tibi.ca

Zina Chmielowski

Zina Chmielowski is a very creative and versatile artist with long-standing experience and a reputation for sophistication, professionalism and charm. She continues to thrive and expand within and into various areas of artistic expression: graphic design, and illustration. To see more from Zina Chmielowski visit http://www.coroflot.com/zch

Zora Buchanan

Zora earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba. Selected collections have been featured in Princess Margaret Hospital and Bank of America. To see more from Zora Buchanan visit http://zorabuchanan.com


  1. Karen Taylor
    May 30, 2012

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the mention! Just wanted to say that my website is actually http://www.karentaylorart.com, not the one mentioned in the article.


  2. daniel david jaeger
    May 31, 2012

    I would like to be included please.

  3. Kate Taylor
    June 4, 2012

    Great list – am honoured to know and have shown with a number of your artists to watcvh – Karen Taylor (I think you have the wrong website for her), Bill Philiopvich and Nadine Prada – great job in chosing very talented artists.

  4. Christie
    June 27, 2012

    Dear Alyssa,
    Thank-you for having me!

  5. Bill Philipovich
    July 19, 2012

    Belated thanks Alyssa!

  6. Elizabeth Hardinge
    August 15, 2012

    Alyssa – thank you for including me in your wonderful review of the Toronto Art Scene! Honoured to be part of such a strong and talented group of artists. Very professionally done!

    Thanks! Elizabeth

  7. Barbara Spurll
    September 7, 2012

    Honoured to be on this list; thanks so much! Cheers! -Barbara

  8. Christine
    September 7, 2012

    Great list – I just purchased a piece by Nadine Prada from Rouge Concept Gallery and I simply love it!

    Keep your eyes open for Jimmy Chiale and Isaac Weber – Talented young artists

  9. Rob Snikkar
    October 4, 2012

    Thanks Alyssa,

    I’m happy to be considered part of such a talented group of artists.

    My website is OLD! It will soon be revitalized with paintings and sculptures from a musical synaethesia theme. I’ll keep you posted…RobS


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