20 Male Models from Toronto You Should Know About

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Although not as glamorous and well paid as female models, male models deserve a list of their own. Our top picks from Toronto have truly distinguished looks which would not be as welcomed in their female counterparts. The ever-evolving world of fashion is coming into grips with the realities of a futile global economy. With shifting powers, and the growth of Asian markets, there is a new demand for racially diverse and multi-ethnic models. As the multicultural hub of the world, Canada is seen as a mine for a new crop of exotic and unique faces. Some of the men listed below exemplify this trend as they hold traditional angular frames of previous generations but still have a look all their own.

Alex Loomans

Height: 6’3″, Waist: 32, Suit: 40, Hair: Bonde, Eyes: Blue
Alex Loomans was born in 1990 in Burlington, Ontario. From the very start of his career, Alex not only signed with a Toronto agency, but was accepted into the roster of Public Image Worldwide, one of the formidable men’s agencies in the industry. Alex has enjoyed fame due to his versatile image from his boyish good looks (alramingly similar to a certain red-headed Prince we know) to a sex-god on the runway.

Andrew Boos

Height: 6’2″, Suit: 42, Hair: Light Brown, Eyes: Blue

Ben Clark

Height: 6’2″ , Waist: 33, Suit: 42, Hair: Black, Eyes: Hazel
Ben left his hometown of Port Perry, a town just north of Toronto, to start modelling in July of 2011.

Brendan Ruck

Height: 6’2″ , Waist: 29, Suit:38, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown
Band of Outsiders, a Paris-based fashion house, picked Brendan to spend 60 hours behind their store windows showcasing their latest menswear collection. It has been considered the longest runway show ever.

Callum Gunn

Height: 6’2″ , Waist: 32, Suit: 40, Hair: Light Brown, Eyes: Blue

David Chiang

Height: 6’2″, Waist: 29, Suit: 38, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown
Born in Vancouver, David was discovered while working at Holt Renfrew. Soon after he moved to Toronto and began modelling for some of the biggest designers in the industry, including; Paul Smith, John Varvatos and the late Alexander McQueen. His Taiwanese roots, androgynous image (even walking the runway as a girl) and raven-black hair sets him apart in the competitive fashion world. Fashion guru, trendsetter and genius, Karl Lagerfeld has even commented on his ” beautiful Chinese girl” good looks.

Jack Bradshaw

Height: 6’3″, Suit: 38, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue

Justin Rosete

Height: 6’0″,Suit: 38, Hair: Black, Eyes: Blue/Grey
Justin Rosete is an industrial designer by training (at OCAD U), a brand consultant professional, and a model for elite models Toronto.

Lane Dorsey

Height: 5’11’5″, Waist: 29,Hair: Brown, Eyes: Light Green
When not in front of the camera, Lane calls the shots as a photographer to some of Toronto’s most prestigious modelling agencies.

Marco Grazzini

Height:6’1″, Waist: 31, Suit: 40, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown
This well-cultured model can speak Italian, Spanish and French, and has earned an undergraduate degree in Sociology. He has a budding acting career where he can most recently be seen on CW’s ‘Nikita’ and Showcase’s ‘XIII’.

Matt Gontier

Height: 6’2″, Waist: 32, Suit:40, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue

Maxim Budnick

Height: 6’2″, Waist: 32, Suit:40, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown

Nahan Fahley

Height: 6’0″, Waist: 32, Suit: 40, Hair: Black, Eyes: Hazel
Nathan’s multi-racial genes of half-Korean and half-Irish sets him apart from the pack. While based from Toronto, Nahan will be in Singapore in the upcoming months to fulfill a modelling contract.

Robbie Beeser

Height: 6’1″, Suit: 38, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue-Green

Seamus Morrison

Height: 6’2′, Waist: 32, Suit: 40, Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Blonde

Simon Tham

Height: 6’0″, Waist: 31, Suit:40, Hair:Black, Eyes: Hazel
Blessed with half-Chinese and half-British genes, Simon has a unique look that can transform from preppy schoolboy, to edgy and mysteriously exotic. If you ever get the chance to woo Mr. Tham few of his favourites include; Thai green curry with chicken, Jack and ginger ale, and the Toronto based artist, The Weeknd.

Stephen L

Height: 6’2″, Suit: 38, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue/Green

Stephen Price

Height: 6’0″, Waist: 32, Suit: 40, Hair: Dark Brown, Eyes: Green

Taylor Gagnon

Height: 6’2″, Waist: 31, Suit: 38 Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue
With a perfect pout, and dreamy eyes it comes as no surprise that Taylor has appeared in the pages of ReMix, Interview and been featured in a Burberry campaign.

Tom Owen Ward

Height: 6’1″, Waist: 32, Hair: Dark Blonde, Eyes: Blue

Xander Budnick

Height: 6’2″, Waist: 32, Hair: Light Brown, Eyes: Green

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